Job Outlook for Graphic Design

Graphic Design job outlookThe job outlook for graphic design is expected to go up by 13% by 2020. It is a very competitive field however. The outlook for computer systems design is expected to go up by 61%, specialized design services by 27%, advertising and PR by 17%, printing and related fields by 2%, and publishing is actually expected to decrease by 2%, though internet publishing isn’t and in all likelihood won’t be negatively effected by this. As far as publishing online goes, I personally would be interested in online game design, though my style for that would probably just be to develop regular games that would stream on people’s browsers. To become a graphic designer, typically a Bachelor’s degree is needed. However, most of the skills that are needed can be self-taught, and given that college tuition is getting more and more expensive, I wouldn’t be surprised to find graphic designers striking out on their own and letting their portfolios talk for them. Currently, the internet commands a large portion if graphic designers’ time. Web site design in particular is a big business.

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3 thoughts on “Job Outlook for Graphic Design

    • Not offhand, though I imagine publishing on the internet has a lot to do with it. Between online articles and e-books, there are far fewer outlets for print publishing outside of advertising. I will look into it!

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