Online Ads vs Print Ads

Print vs PCThe last time I picked up a magazine outside a doctor’s office and really looked at it was months ago. And the ads in that magazine? I’m fairly certain I both did not look at them enough for them to register in my mind and did not buy whatever product was advertised. When the newspaper comes in, it wasn’t me who subscribed to it, and I don’t (typically) read it. I am a first generation computer-age kid, and the days of the morning crosswords seem to be on the out. So what place do print ads have?

(Trammell, 2012) had this to say: “For sure, both online and print advertising have strengths and limitations. Online offers click ability, immediate updating, targeted placement strategies, lower pricing and detailed tracking. Print offers tangibility, strong branding, memorability and readers who tend to be more highly engaged. Plus with a print ad, you have the ability to convey more of your message than with a banner.”

From this we can gather that the advantages to print media are its physical presence, the increased likelihood that it will be seen multiple times and thus remembered, the fact that people reading an ad on paper may not have so many distractions, and the ability to have a greater area on which to advertise.

Based on these advantages, I don’t think print ads are obsolete quite yet. However, digital media is quickly offering alternatives that remove these advantages in most circumstances. I for one have barely seen any advertisements offline while I’m at home, and I don’t see this trend changing. This may mean that in the future, finding a job at a print shop may become somewhat more difficult.

Trammell, M. (2012). Is print advertising dead? definitely not!.


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